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Dream Images Photography are based in historical Simon's Town, Cape Town,
a perfect natural backdrop for any special occasion...
We want to make your photographic dreams a reality!

Our photographer, Keith, started off in the old days of film and learnt his photographic skills
utilising the darkroom techniques and tools which we now see and use in leading software tools
such as Lightroom and Photoshop, which are used extensively today.

He still remembers the early days, when he used to "highjack" his parents bathroom for several hours at a time,
while he "blacked" out all light sources to create a temporary darkroom.
This produced some very "funny" moments with family members banging on the bathroom door, crossed legs,
pleading to use the bathroom, so they could relieve themselves.

These days of course, using digital cameras and Photoshop, things have become a bit simpler......

Utilising today's modern photographic equipment and tools, we are able to shoot and view images immediately,
which has definitely transformed the way we capture and process the final images produced,
be it just for your memories or social media or high end photographic exhibitions.

We at Dream Images Photography utilise latest Canon photographic equipment and lighting,
along with specialised computer hardware and software to deliver high resolution images
that meet our clients needs and requirements.

Modern workflow and productions techniques ensure that we are able to produce and
 deliver high end quality work in a timely manor.

All photographic work is backed up and secured to back-up media constantly along each step of the process,
from image capture to final production.

We are here to capture your special occasion, be it your wedding or special birthday,
our mission is to capture those special moments.

If you are looking for a summer story, a beach feature, a Christmas house with children and family life,
something exotic, contact us...

We also do studio and location shoots, be it family, fashion, boudoir, couples, baby & children, utilising latest lighting techniques.

Please note that all images on this web site are portrayed in a low resolution (small size),
in order to speed up web page refresh times and also to provide copy protection on the original images.

Most images are available for purchase.

The art of photography requires constant change to adapt to the ever changing requirements of our varied clients.

We paint with light and tell stories with pictures.

Two things are of particular importance, the client and the images produced.

We are also happy to shoot to your brief!

"A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?" - Ernest Haas

Contact Dream Images today, for all your photographic needs and requirements.

Whatever your story is, our photography will reveal it.

We look forward to meeting you, your family and friends and capturing your story.


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